Pay a coffee or a meal for someone less fortunate than you. At the end of each month, any proceeds go to feed those in need. When you pay your bill, you can also pay for a drink or meal for someone who might be in need, who cannot afford it or who has realised they have no money today.

Where can I pay forward?

    • Badaboom, Nice, France.

How does it work?  

Any business owner can join. All you need is to download Everyday pay it forward flyer  and a Everyday pay it forward thank you card.

What happens to the money?

The money is kept in the pot till the end of every month. At the end of the month the initiative collects the money and offers to buy a meal for those who may not have eaten today or who in some difficulty.

What accounts are kept?

None. It’s a trust based initiative.

What if someone steals the money?

It’s a trust based initiative

What if no one wants to pay it forward?

Unlikely, some people already have, it’s not a new concept.

Who can benefit from pay it forward?

Anyone at all, no matter what their status is.

How do  you know that the holders of pay it forward will be honest with how much they have received? 

It’s a trust based inititiative.

What can I do to contribute to pay it forward?

When you pay your bill add a little extra. Talk about it, tell people you did it, encourage other people to try to do the same to either pay it forward or to facilitate by being holders of pay it forward.

Is pay it forward like a tip?

No. Tipping is up to you and the people who have served you. Pay it forward is separate from tips.

How do I know my money went to the right place?

It’s a trust based initiative. You can always contact to get an update on the progress of the initiative.

What is the principle idea?