Our keynote listeners are our key supporters, influencers, decision-makers, skeptics and partners. They are engaged in, not just present for, the conversation about the care economy. These are the ones that not only ask good questions but take action to find the answers.

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.

Bela Hatvany is the founding father of Everyday.earth, exploring the care economy for decades. See our conversation – why don’t we make money rain on everyone equally?

Janne Wolterbeek is the designer of our logo, video’s, house style and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Simon Crann is a visionary on social impact business models. See our conversation – How to create a business that works for all?

Colm Maguire is an action taker. Taking the big visions further into actionable steps. Writer, story teller, listener and watcher.

Barbara Basalgete manages our home base in Nice at Badaboom. She provides our community with a local base beyond our expectations.

Wim Kiezenberg is the founder and driver of Everyday.earth. He enables our community to build up its conversational capital and develops the strategy that allows the community to move forward.

Koos Kruit brings 14 years of experience to the table, with www.pum.nl working in various countries in Africa,  Latin America, Russia and the Philippines.

Thierry Debrun is our local action taker “agitateur de conscience et bien être” in the Cote d’Azur, France.

Petar Kruit is the visual designer of everyday.earth and producer of our video’s.

Corinne Meier believes we can change the world one word at a time. A marketing and sustainability content strategist, Corinne seeks to educate, inspire and entertain others through her writing.

Diane van den Berge strongly believes in the evolution of our society and of our organizations towards a caring economy. However, organizations, society can only transform when its people transform – and vice versa.

Graham Facey who is especially interested in helping people to care for the oceans, seas and waterways on our planet Earth.

Jasmine Pataa thinks people need to be helped to get good practices in their daily life to take better care of the planet, animals and humans. How to do little things that can make a big difference when we do it all together.