Every Day

Everyday is an inquiry. An ecosystem of people working on solutions.
We are on a quest to identify what we need to transform our current growth driven local economies into one earth-wide caring economy and need human collaboration, sharing and creativity. Everyday gives you access to a community of people who share their visions, knowledge, insights and talents to transform our way of life as it is not sustainable.

We are exploring what we need to design a future in which we turn our modern days problems into an opportunity. An opportunity to create a better world. We want to go a step further. Inspire people, offer a network and mobilize collective creative thinking. For everyone who wants to move forward. Positive and innovative. For everyone and every day.

We invite you to share your knowledge, ideas and experience. During our meet ups we work together in flexible teams to come up with solutions. Quickly feasible solutions and solutions for the longer term. Think fresh. Not inhibited by impossibilities, constraints or routines. Search constantly for opportunities to do it differently. Because it can always be better. As people we all have experiences with our currencies, economy, healthcare, education, food supply et cetera. That is why we partner, as people to identify what we need to create a better world. Every day.

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