The purpose of everyday is to create a world that works for each one of us, empowering us to create a worldwide caring society.


Everyday is an inquiry. An ecosystem of people working on solutions. We are on a quest to identify what we need to transform our current growth driven local economies into one earth-wide caring economy. We need human collaboration, sharing and creativity to do so. Everyday gives everyone access to a community of people that share their visions, knowledge, insights and talents to transform our way of life as it is not currently sustainable.

We are exploring what we need to design a future in which we turn our modern-day problems into an opportunity. An opportunity to create a better world. We want to go a step further; inspire people, offer a network and mobilize collective creative thinking for everyone who wants to move forward. Positive and innovative, for everyone and every day.

We invite everyone to share knowledge, ideas and experience. During our meet ups we work together in flexible teams to come up with solutions. Quickly feasible solutions and solutions for the longer term. Think fresh, not inhibited by impossibilities, constraints or routines; search constantly for opportunities to do things differently because it can always be better. As people we all have experiences with our currencies, economy, healthcare, education, food supply et cetera. That is why we partner, as people to identify what we need to create a better world everyday.


Everyday will be built by the business model Wim Kiezenberg developed during his coaching and workshops he has been running for one year. The model is based on Ikigai, a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.”

Basically there are four master moves in it that will provide a roadmap to develop everyday as a social business.

Figure 1. The model we use.






What we love to do

Everyday loves to initiate the conversation and building a capital on it. Conversational capital is what we aim for, that will inspire and drive a change from the current growth driven mindset to a caring one. This is our passion.

What we are good at

We have the ambition to make everyday the collective of key note listeners. By defining what to do, simplify how to do it and amplify why we need it.

We will build it like a tree, deeply rooted in local communities by hosting bi-weekly meet ups that grow into the digital sky by using digital platforms to connect everyone.

The combination of what we love to do and what we are good at will secure our motivational level beyond the enthusiasm in our early days. It needs to secure the organic continuous growth of value we are aiming for.

The value we offer

We offer an opportunity to become part of a community that defines, simplifies and amplifies solutions to transform from the current growth driven society to a caring one.

Bottom up, we do not want to be frustrated or angry on our governments, global brands or institutions that enabled our current societies. We want to be the bottom up change that designs a caring economy that works for all. on a micro level in our daily lives and scale up from there.

As we go our expertise will evolve into a visionary and practical community of people that embody this transition.

What our tribe needs

Based on the actual needs of our community we will develop products and services that generate revenue to sustain our activities. We will need to listen to those needs as we become key note listeners. As a start up Wim Kiezenberg, will be the first key note listener in, the first but certainly not the last. We aim for numerous everyday meet ups in local communities and share our lessons online.


Our services can be typed in three categories for now (and evolve on the needs of our tribe):

Do it yourself products – Services everyone can tap into on demand.

  • Online conversations with people who have ideas.  We start with a weekly version of these online live talks. Our vision is that we can grow into a ‘Netflix’ of inspiration. Here’s a link to the first branded edition on our Youtube channel.
  • Online 1 minute editorial picks from these conversations to inspire everyone to become part of everyday on facebook, instagram and youtube.
    • After one year we aim to produce a book, that offers a canvas for change. We will use the same philosophy as the best seller – business model generation-. Crowd sourced collaboration that creates a canvas with all examples in it we experienced in our live online conversations and local meet ups.

    Do it with me products – Services everyone can join.

    Local meet ups that enable everyone to become an active part of everyday, bottom up. On these meet ups we will start selling T-shirts (organic and child labour free ones) to generate revenue. We are already experiencing high demand for them since our launch.

    High quality design will be our branding instrument to build up our merchandise. Online we are investigating a partnership with global suppliers.

    We do stress the point that we prefer T-shirts that support the local community in cities where the meet ups are being held. To cover demand from all over the world we can use global suppliers. In line with the build- a-business-like-a -tree-vision.

    Do it for me products – tailor made services.

    A future product-line that offers turnkey solutions for companies or institutions that wants to apply our lessons learned into their local environment. To be determined.


We need social KPI’s to measure our impact. We propose the following and are happy to discuss:

  • Weekly online conversations in our FB group.
  • Bi-weekly meet ups with max 20 attendees.
  • Continuous conversation on our social media channels.

After one year we aim for:

  • 5.000 engaged members in the FB group.
  • Five cities hosting meet ups.
  • Producing our first year book.


 We will report our milestones after three months and six months as evidence of our social impact to all our stake holders. 


We are funded by Mustard Seed Trust to cover six months work capital. Mustard Seed Trust supports individuals and organisations who create alternative templates for meeting basic human needs, affecting the dominant structure through their sheer ability to do the job better. For Mustard Seed, “doing the job better” includes fostering cooperation rather than competition, sustainability rather than growth and an increase in compassion at every level in caring for ourselves, our families, our communities and our planet.