As part of an international campaign, a mural was created in Warsaw that purifies the air. By using special paint, this wall can purify the same amount of air as 720 trees would do together. The painting was designed by Polish artists Maciek Polak and Dawid Ryski and executed by the Good Looking.

Special air-purifying paint

Photocatalytic paint with titanium dioxide was used, which attracts air pollutants and converts them into harmless nitrates. This works through a chemical process, activated by sunlight. The painting in Warsaw is part of the City Forest Campaign of the clothing brand Converse, which aims to create this type of air-purifying mural all over the world. Together they should be able to do the work of 3,000 trees.

Murals in more cities

Warsaw is, after Bangkok in Thailand, the second city with such a painting. And thus the first in Europe. This is followed by 13 more world cities including Belgrade, Lima, Sydney, Jakarta, Johannesburg and Melbourne. By the way, Converse is not the first company to clean the air this way.

Air-purifying billboards

The Dutch Studio Roosegaarde has already placed a series of billboards in Monterrey, Mexico, which are painted with the same type of paint. Each billboard here provides the same amount of clean air as 30 trees would do. The signs can last for five years and thus help a little bit in tackling the strong air pollution, which in this area regularly lingers in the valley (especially when there is no wind).

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