People are self-organizing themselves all around the planet to clean up their local environment. We see initiatives as WorldCleanupDay and since April this year WorldPlogging rise. The movement  attracts thousands of volunteers that imagine a cleaner future and take action in their local villages, cities, forests and even mountains like the Himalaya. The #trashtag shows how many caring people there are on the planet.

The association took the initiative Nice Plogging and Cleanup Festival Nice.

We are happy to share the lessons we learned so far. As it is within our strategy to ‘export’ our weekly urban Plogging formula and regular Cleanup Festival concept to other cities around the planet to support the global movement. Below you will find the experiences and insights we have had and the feedback we got from our conversations:

  • We are dedicated to find new ways to collaborate and team with citizens, local government, business and associations on a horizontal (no hierarchy or dominance) base and start to take action on our shared common goals. While respecting each others (potential) different agenda’s in the longterm. This has resulted in a rather unique collaboration with Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, citizens, businesses like Badaboom and many associations. Here is the press conference of Cleanup Festival Nice that proves the point (jn French).

  • We experienced that the separation of waste is in practice harder than the theory might make you think. With everything you pick up you need to separate and decide in what bag to put it in. It takes a bit of training and the ability to do the right judgement. We noticed we need to improve our instructions to separate easier and make it a ‘routine’ without giving it one more thought anymore.


  • One of the teenagers that joined us in the Cleanup Festival Nice told us that at first there is feeling of shame or discomfort to go out on the street as one is so highly visible. What might people think? We can imagine that feeling and not only for teenagers. At the end of the day the feeling was completely the opposite. Very proud and full of warm confident emotions. It changes something profoundly in someone. Amazing lesson. It makes us wonder how we can improve our communication before the festival. Maybe do a tour at schools? What do you think?


  • The concept of the Cleanup Festival Nice is to grow in to a quarterly event where one also can get educated how to take better care of our local environment. We can imagine to host multiple workshops on several topics that we learn to address while organizing these events. The question here is how we can mobilize enough local experts, businesses and associations to become an pro-active partner in the next three years?


  • By adding music and a (disguised) animator for the kids, it could make the moment even more fun. A facilitator could both inform passers-by and, in a smaller space, motivate those present to participate (on beaches in particular). This also creates a more festive kind of experience as we believe taking care of our local environment is fun!


  • Learning the lessons while we go actually inspires us to host beyond Nice meet-ups and activate the community that is already global. How can we organize these type of events with the assistance and guidance by the keynote listeners. Reach out to us if you wonder how to make this happen in your local environment, we are here to help.

We are inviting you to share your experience, input as a comment below so we can improve our events to take better care of ourselves, the planet and all life on it. Thank you!