The availability of national currency in a community bears little relation to the needs or resources in that community but derives from external factors such as national and private debt-driven, interest rates, trade deficits and IMF policies. The resulting artificial scarcity of money causes value-driven and non-profit driven communities to become chronically unstable. We must acknowledge scarcity of national currencies is an institutional and structural problem.

There are various examples of community or complementary currencies that have emerged recently in response to the structural systematic problems that led to the financial crisis since 2008. According to Yasuyuki Hirota (expert from Universitat de València, Spain) many types of community currencies have been issued for over decades. He describes a community currency having the following characteristics:

  • it is issued by a community organization;
  • it can not be used outside the community;
  • it has zero (or negative) interest rate;
  • it encourages community members to help each other.

Other experts see community currencies as a token to promote the revitalization of a local economy, encourage community activities or to structure local monetary economics.

Team builds on the lessons from grassroots economics, the legacy of Bernard Lietaer, the learning curve of third-generation blockchain technologies and marketing strategies for social and complementary currencies from Yasuyuki Hirota. Current team members to design a thriving community currency for are Diane Van den Berge as team leader, Gustav Friis Janne Wolterbeek and founder Wim Kiezenberg.


The name of our community or complementary currency is Carency. A currency for the care economy. Carency is here to help the community by creating a complementary currency that fosters community care every day.

“Carency is a way of getting community members to help each other, the planet and all life on it – to deepen their ties to the community.” – Wim Kiezenberg

The token is the “e” from the logo.

Time table

March 2019 – We are in an early alpha phase and issuing Carency to every participant that takes care of the local environment in Nice, France. This pilot issue is executed by the local Nice plogging team. It encourages community members to help out by taking care of our local environment.

April 2019 – We will update our time table as soon as we progress. We expect to update in April.

If you are interested to contribute to our work of setting up a caring community currency, the “design-science” process of doing so feel free to contact us.