SOS Grand Bleu is an association of public utility whose purpose is the implementation, development and encouragement of all actions to protect the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean, including species threatened by the development of human activities.

For decades SOS Grand Bleu has been fighting for the protection of the marine environment and more particularly dolphins and whales, in the Mediterranean basin. The long-term protection and sustainable management of Mediterranean marine ecosystems are top priorities. The future of this wonderful natural heritage is threatened if effective actions at all levels are not implemented to preserve it.

We host a meetup with SOS Grand Blue on March 5th in Nice, France. Register here to attend.

SOS Grand Bleu is a realistic and pragmatic association, whose action is based on science and law, with an important educational component (children and adults).

SOS Grand Bleu multiplies concrete actions to fight against attacks on the marine environment:

  • abolish intensive and destructive fishing techniques;
  • denounce and combat marine pollution in all its forms;
  • put an end to the unacceptable continuation of whaling by some countries;
  • deny the captivity and exploitation of dolphins and killer whales in dolphinariums, aquatic parks and other pseudo “rehabilitation centers”.

The actions of SOS Grand Bleu are interesting because they bring concrete results. In just a few years, thanks to a vast movement of solidarity and effective legal action at both national and European level, SOS Grand Bleu has already won many victories: total ban on drift-nets in the European Union , prohibition of tuna fishing, impediment of four dolphinarium projects, contribution to the creation of an international sanctuary for marine mammals in the Mediterranean (Pelagos Sanctuary), and participation in its management.

The community collaborates with SOS Grand Blue whenever we can based on our mutual vision that we need to create an society that works for all life in the planet.

Photo credits SOS Grand Blue website.