In this conversation Gustav Friis shares his expertise on money creation, complementary currencies and community currencies.

There are basically three ways to create money.

Well that’s already an eye-opener because when I would ask anybody they all think there’s just one….Here they are:

  1. The first way is what we call our fiat money the Euro’s, Dollars or other country currencies we know today which is actually money creation by banks.
  2. There is a second option where money is created by governments.
  3. And we have a third option which is money creation by people as in you and me or in a community.

When we look at the money creation as we know it now it’s pretty much dominated by the creation by banks in collaboration with governments. When we open up to other developments like digital currencies, complementary currencies and community currencies we enter into a world where we are actually in charge of creating money.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Let us find out what Gustav has to share with us and get inspired by the current developments that will amaze you!



When you realize this is all happening it provides clarity and a new view on the current monopoly on money creation.

We do have the alternative to create new currencies that enable us to make an agreement on how you can spend it and how you can earn it by doing something good for the planet and for your community. Money that works for all, for the people, for the animals and all life on the planet.

That’s an invitation for everyone to think about what you would like to see happening in your community and what kind of currency we should we create to make that happen!