The teams of with her entrepreneurial members invited the whole community for La soirée des idées to fill us all with unifying energy and forward thinking!

Our keynote listener Diane van den Berge led this creative evening. We are lucky to benefit from everyone’s experience in this vibrant community and Diane is a great group coach. That became very clear during this evening. She got us all to the next level.

At the end of the meeting we were all asked to come up with one word to describe our feelings:

inspired, engaged, super, uplifted, energized, surprised, creative, hopeful, good vibes, better, far out, excited, 1+1=3 and gratitude

Wonderful to see how our community takes shape!

This meet-up we focussed on:

And we discussed a brand new project to influence schools in Nice. We want to make the pupils of schools in Nice aware of sustainable development and recycling, actively through the collection of two everyday objects: toothbrushes and pencils

All of this with the objective to take direct action in our local environment. The creativity of the groups and ideas took us forward. Be the change we want to see!

We divided into four groups of 4 people and took this challenge to come up with ideas to support the 3 projects we focused on. After intensive deliberations in the groups and giving feedback to us all, the team leaders came up with the following top 5 of ideas:

Clean Up Day

  1. Partnership with other associations.
  2. Partner with businesses and municipalities.
  3. Utilize Nice Plogging to enlist people and search for volunteers for the event.
  4. Enrich the cleanup with a festival and/or zero waste picnic.
  5. Collaborate with the Azur TV, Nice morning, blue France, Tele France 3.

School project

  1. Ask the city hall or the metropolis for an incentive (cinema, show, educational farm …)
  2. Reward ideas: a rehearsal at the opera, a treasure hunt (from 7 years old), a publication in the newspaper with picture of the winning class (valuing for children), a certificate/diploma “perfect little recycler”
  3. Incentives depend on the age of the class.
  4. Establish partnerships.
  5. For cans to collect the toothbrushes and pens collaborate with sponsors like shops.

Nice Plogging

  1.  “Discover the city while plogging” – investigate this with office de tourisme and centre de patrimoine in nice.
  2. Promote plogging as team building.
  3. Organize plogging during other events.
  4. Enrol celebrities in nice plogging.
  5. Collaborate with other associations.

The next step for the teams is to implement the ideas that were crowd sourced from our community. If you want to join and make this happen, please contact:

Thierry Debrun for Nice Plogging
Barbara Basalgete for Clean Up Day and
Jasmine Pataa for the school project.

Special thanks to Aina, Clara, Charlotte, Graham, Valerie, Jasmine, Michael, Diane, Lisa, Barbara, Thierry, Jacqueline, Elisabeth, Collie, Catherine, Ellen, Bela, Claire, Benjamin, Wim et Clara for your active participation this evening.

We go start up the teams and you will be hearing from us very soon!