Exposing Recycling Fraud is the Gateway to Bringing Alternatives To Market

That’s precisely what Australia did.
Launched an inquiry into their recycling programs.

To quote the article:

« As Australia stares down a recycling crisis that threatens the viability of a multi-billion dollar industry and potentially thousands of jobs, some small businesses like Ms Burns’ have scrambled to find new types of packaging that have no need for a yellow kerbside bin. »

If you want these results, you have to expose recycling fraud in your nation. Recycling fraud is happening in almost every single country executing any kind of curbside recycling program — from France, to England, to the UK, to the US.

What Australia found was that curbside recycling programs are a failure.

Their solution is to replace curbside recycling with direct deposit kiosks. This takes both time and money to implement. It also means a lot fewer items will be collected than before in the yellow bin catch-all system of curbside recycling.

This is great news for alternatives…check the article:


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