Indonesia Dead Whale: 1,000 Pieces of Plastic In It’s Stomach

If you haven’t heard yet, another whale has been found dead with an unbelievable amount of plastics in it’s stomach. Get the devastating news here:

👉🏻Asian and SE Asian countries only properly manage 40% of their people’s waste. This means they use rivers and oceans as their landfill.

👉🏻 Why do these nations not manage their own people’s waste? Because instead of processing their own waste they focus on importing recycling from your nation that they then get paid to sort.

👉🏻Everything that they don’t collect or does not have value from your recyclables is also disposed of in the same manner as their everyday waste – into the rivers and oceans.

👉🏻Essentially, thé things found in this whale could be your recycling from France, America, Canada, the EU, etc

👉🏻 Because your nation feeds them with jobs to sort your recycling, they don’t focus on the collection of their own recycling.

👉🏻If they collected, sorted and sold their OWN recycling they would be able to invest this into general waste management for their own waste.

If you don’t think that your country should export more trash to these nations by sending them your recycling, you need to launch investigations into the regulations of your countries recycling programs.

The UK and Australia have launched investigations into their countries recycling programs to indeed realize that curbside recycling programs cannot create clean waste exports in a feasible manner – this outdated business model relies on third countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, India and is creating an environmental disaster.

These two nations are moving away from curbside collection methods to direct deposit schemes. And single-use plastic bans.


Direct deposit means – nobody has to sort the waste. Not your country, not Asia, nothing has to land in the oceans… scanning technology ensures that the recycling is 100% CLEAN and 100% the RIGHT thing before it ever gets exported.

This eliminates the need for people to drive gas gUzzling trucks to your house every few days to pick up a recycling bin, because YOU thé consumer get paid to bring it to direct deposit kiosks located at grocery stores.

You do eat every week right?

Why should we not use consumers to bring the right clean things and not use double the gas consumption?

Second, why should anyone deal with unsorted waste? Imagine, the machines remove the need to clean or sort the recycling. That means the wrong things don’t have to be sorted out? It means you just have people pick up bins from direct deposits and ship directly to a Chinese or Asian factory for processing.

It’s cheaper.
It allows these nations to STOP making excuses for their own waste management disasters?

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 If you keep feeding them with recycling exports to be cleaned or sorted….

Every whale is going to die!

Of course, the waste also gets there from tourism.

Either way.
You have got to begin grasping this crisis.
Stop saying poor whale and then recycle.