Everyday.earth visits ecosystems restoration camps in Holland

Ecosystems restoration camps is an interesting and as well important movement with 16.000 members worldwide to restore nature which has been devastated in many parts of the world.

Not only mega projects in China which have transformed some major deserts in lush and healthy areas but as well for example in Ruanda and Jordan. Currently there is a huge growth in California which is well known for causing problems of drought and mono cultures. Recently another project was initiated in the South of Spain. The founder of all this is John D Liu an American Chinese who has been a passionate expert, for over the 30 years, taking his vision into action.

Our visionair and keynote listener Bela Hatvany invited John some time ago in Nice and he visited the project in Spain in September 2018 together with his wife Ellen and son Max. The link with Everyday.earth is therefore strong and Bela asked Koos Kruit to contact John D Liu to see whether he could support the group in the Netherlands on a strategic level.

On Koos his return return from a 2 day visit in Nice to support the Everyday.Earth 2019 strategy he was invited by John to join the 3rd meeting in Utrecht on Sunday November 4th.

Do we need Ecosystems in the Netherlands?

When you think about the Netherlands then the first reaction is that there is no desert or enormous erosion of the ground. However there is a different set of complex interrelated problems with rising water levels, the ground in the West is shrinking cm’s per year due to peat underground, monoculture and economic pressure on the farmers to scale their activities.

The key discussion was whether a camp is needed to support an ecosystem in the Netherlands as done in other parts of the world. The conclusion is that the organisation needs to structure itself better first and to have a clear communication plan to become more visible in the Netherlands to enable a restoration camp.

Together with the director of ecosystems Mr. van der Hoeven who was present, the team will structure the strategic elements before yearend 2018. Koos reported that it was a true pleasure to meet another group of enthusiastic and caring people. Onwards!

Visit https://www.ecosystemrestorationcamps.org/ for more information.