The Climathon is an international climate challenge that mobilizes citizens for 24 hours to build local solutions to climate issues.

To improve the quality of life in Cannes – France, a new prevention program has been launched. How can the Climathon contribute to this program and promote the circular economy and reduce waste production in Cannes?

The Communauté d’Agglomération Cannes Lérins has initiated the development of its local program for the prevention of household and similar waste (PLPDMA); the proposals developed during this Climathon will be part of the various axes of this PLPDMA and will be intended to constitute operational actions of this program.

The questions asked and for which solutions can emerge:

  • How to encourage the people of Cannes to throw less away and better sort their waste?
  • How to promote responsible consumption
  • How to fight against food waste
  • How to avoid the production of green waste
  • How to reduce tourism waste?

Questions on which participants (35), supported by volunteer facilitators, teamed up to find solutions. After two days of elaboration, they presented their reflections to a jury of experts, responsible for determining the winning project. This project will lead to action and a citizen dynamic.

At the end of the two days of this Climathon, the jury praised the project of the team “Briclon”, the shareable composters and crushers project which will be integrated in the local program of prevention of waste.


This guest blog was written by Thierry Debrun, jury member Climathon Cannes 2018.