After many years as an executive in Western Europe in the chemical business, I decided to use my knowledge to help small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in developing countries survive, change, adopt and grow: transfer and execution of knowledge without any financial rewards.

For nearly fifteen years, I have worked for PUM with many people and organisations in political and economic realities in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The key deciding factor was to see whether key persons in these SMEs were able to step outside of their daily reality and open up to change in order for their SMEs to change. In particular in Africa, I was amazed about the ability of women to really work hard, care for their families and achieve economic and social success against all odds.

My payback from this extensive period is not money but the knowledge that my investment of time has changed and improved many SMEs and by definition improved the life of many people.

I can say my dividend was Care.

Moving towards a caring society.

Nothing will happen unless a person is truly willing and capable to change and think beyond one’s self as being all important. The economic and social reality of life with sharp divisions between ”the haves and haves not “ is a separating and restrictive factor for social cohesion.

What is striking to observe is the ability of individual persons joining together to care for their families and societies. I have met very powerful men and women who were quite poor but were very able to improve their lives against all odds.

In our Western society, we have the relative luxury of money, services and stability. However, the distribution of wealth and therefore the opportunities for each individual person and families is concentrated in a only few hands. The majority of people all over the world continue to struggle to survive economically and sometimes physically too. The reality of life even on the Côte d’Azur can also be harsh for the so called “losers of society.”

With all the complexities of change forced upon us by political powers, the ICT
revolution, the pollution of our environment, our worries for our children….. it
is important that we start to move towards a caring society.

This can only start when we as individuals join together and start to execute our strengths to foster awareness leading towards a variety of changes in many topics like:

The good news is, that in Nice – France, the movement is growing with a number of visible initiatives, which are linked to these caring topics. There is a strong mix of individuals who have come together and are making an impact in Nice and beyond.

You have my support.


Koos Kruit.