On september 15th 2018 Everyday.earth organized its first public appearance in Nice, France to support World Cleanup Day. A worldwide movement creating awareness to take better care of our planet. The planet was swept cleaner by a green wave, as 13 million people from 144 countries and territories joined in World Cleanup Day, the largest peacetime civic action in human history.

Over 400 citizens came on Saturday to clean up for a day in Nice, France. They removed 3 tons of waste from the streets, the parks and the beach!

Many thanks to Ville de Nice, Métropole Cote d’Azur , Nice Plogging, Badaboom and Nice Homes for their partnership in this event. We especially thank all the associations, companies and media that have supported us in this effort. Special thanks to our keynote listener Thierry Debrun who started this initiative and all the volunteers, your commitment and ‘bonheur’ as the French say were beyond our expectations.

In which society do we want to live?

It is not enough to analyze or to understand how our society, our planet goes off track. We all need to decide to improve our collective behavior. Everyone can be an actor of change everyday and that’s what you showed this Saturday. This is the path our modern societies must follow everyday!

Large or small companies must be ready to innovate, review their marketing, rethink their core business, open up to different practices to become leaders of change. Governments must put climate change high on their agenda. We, you and me, must take care of ourselves and our local environment. All together as one distributed network of change.

The current crisis offers an opportunity to rethink the system and move towards a care economy that works for all, for our environment and all life in it. Everyday.earth is committed to change the conversation and open up new possibilities.

And now?

In less than 24 hours, we have succeeded in creating the conditions for local and global awareness for the preservation of our environment. A big challenge awaits us all. The way 7 billion people live on the planet and the way we will live when there are 9 billion of us by 2050, is simply not sustainable.

An enormous task but we all can start today, also in Nice, France by joining Nice Plogging or join an initiative in your neighborhood. Taking care of ourselves and the planet we live on. It all start with ourselves and nobody else. We can do this!

The planet does not need us, we do need this planet.


Photo credits: ThierrydeBrunAgitateurdeConscience