September 11th was another glorious evening in Nice. We are now an official legal entity and much thanks for that goes to the work and insistance of Wim and Catherine who pushed through the paper work for us in time to work with the Metropole of Nice for World clean up day. By the time you read this world clean up day will have happened. So I will focus on our question this week. Given we have spoken about it, thought about it, dreamed about it, and shared about it, it must surely exist.

Surely it has come into being other wise how would we know of it’s possibilities. The IT in question is the care economy. Where is it in your every day life? The answers were as always not what the questioner expected. What follows is really a summary of what people shared. I have tried to take the thoughts of each and align the similarities.

People live in Fear and Scarcity, and the media today play a huge part in that. There is a world of possibilities, let’s make change here and now, and Everyday. Since April when we started it’s amazing what has happened, the opening of new possibilities, the change of conversation, and how we can help out from the bottom up. One of the simple actions you can take is to simply smile. Take your fear and suffering and just smile, this one thing is easy to do. Smile at those around them, give them your smile and if they already have nothing they will at least have that.

We can see the care economy every day in Badaboom, Everyday we open the website and see the myriad of information and posts, about environmentalists, scientists, economists, healers, story tellers, thinkers, we can see what is happening beyond selfishness. It can be seen in the love of child, in a family, in the little actions that say I care for you, we are surrounded by care, we don’t have to look to hard, but perhaps we just have to look longer.

We come from the earth, we are terriens, earthlings, and we need to get back to that idea. We need to educate and help people develop good habits, but we must develop these ourselves. We can care about what the earth gives us. We can consciously change our relationship with this Mother, and with ourselves. We can care for our self, the individual can care about themselves. Being conscious of how we consume and asking is it good for Mother earth? Is it good for me?

It seems important to remember ones humanity in this search for the care economy. It’s important to listen, to respect, to love, and not to seek to be right. Perhaps one of the ways when faced with challenges, that we can bring the care economy into existence is to ask, ‘What would love do? ‘ Focus on the positive, heed the need to come together in community, and then we can take actions. It would seem that the awareness of self starts in the heart. It transmits to our loved ones, and then to mother earth. We are not indeed independent, we are interdependent. Let’s have a love affair with the planet. and with the self. I can care for myself the way I care for you. The great challenge is to find the compassion and honour within the self to treat the other with care and compassion.

So my fellow Everyday Earthers, I ask you, where in your life do you see or understand, or just know the caring economy?

Until next time.