A World of Super Abundance, Moving into the Care Economy.

We live in a world of super abundance and yet most of us experience scarcity. How is this so?

The sun puts more energy on the earth in one hour than humankind uses in a whole year. We can now capture and store this energy anywhere on the surface of the globe. Nature knows how to turn rock and sand into fertile soil. We have learnt from nature how to do this too. We now know how to grow food and make soil more fertile at the same time.

In the last few decades humankind’s knowledge has accumulated at a terrific rate. This has occurred largely because of interdisciplinary conversations facilitated by the internet. We now understand how sand, air, water and sun can become fertile soil while growing plants. We know how this soil comes over time to retain moisture and protect itself from destruction by wind and sun and rain.

Most of humankind is still stuck in the ignorant and destructive practices that we have used for many thousands of years. We farm by ploughing. This exposes the complex myriad life forms in the fertile soil to merciless UV and wind and rain assuring that eventually it will get washed or blown away returning the earth to its original bare rock and sun which cannot sustain life. We have turned vast fertile areas such as the Sinai and Loess Plateau into deserts.

We are still stuck in a culture of male domination which turns most of us into wage slaves. We experience created scarcity. We have to struggle for survival. Most of us are one major difficulty away from insurmountable problems. We are afraid and subservient. We are wage slaves. We are nurtured in a world of artificial scarcity, survival, and competition.

This domination is maintained by a money distribution system that makes us work for it so that we can survive. We can no longer be what nature made us to be, our natural collaborative empathetic selves.

We have created armies and police forces to ensure our subservience. They enforce payments of taxes, which in turn force us to work for money. Money is distributed from central sources via controlled canals and rivers. The few that are near to these systems experience superabundance. The rest of us get enough or too little to stay alive.

We have now developed digital technologies which can enable us to distribute money like rain, equally on all, obviating the need for taxes, enabling balance between supply and demand so as to control inflation.

A few hundred years ago we separated the church from the state. This enabled considerable advances in our societies. We must now separate business from state so that the state can focus on ensuring the heath of our habitat, the planet, and all the beings on it including us.

And yet by nature we are a collaborative empathetic creature. We survived and prospered
because we collaborated not because we had more muscle or bigger teeth or more speed. We are equipped with endorphins, oxytocin, and mirror neutrons. Our skin crawls when we see a spider on someone else’s arm. We are empathetic. Unfortunately our nurturing is contrary to our nature.

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Bela Hatvany

September 11, 2018
Nice France



Photo credits – Janne Wolterbeek