Our Event on September 15th is shaping up well. We have met with the metropole of Nice town and organised the route we will take on the day itself.

They would like to have a press conference on the day at about 11am. we are hoping to have as many volunteers as possible.

Yes we are picking up litter. Yes there are people paid to do that in every town but humans are unconscious and uniformed and for sure we will have much to pick up during the day. We are starting at 9 am and will try to gather people and explain the route, how to stay safe and clean and what to do.

It’s important to have fun. We can work together as a community and stroll through the town raising awareness that this is our home and our small efforts are worth it to inform people that we can live in a clean environment. We won’t be alone, people all over the planet are doing this and you can check out the map here.

What you need to bring. Make sure you have a bottle of water, something to eat, and bring your sense of humour. The town will provide bags and gloves, but bring gloves anyway just in case. You can come for a couple of hours or the whole day, or you can come in the morning and come back in the afternoon if you wish. Stay tuned to the Everyday.Earth Facebook page for an announcement as to when our meeting will be to talk to all the volunteers.

Please sign up. It’s not a huge task, just a gesture. If you think you want to make a difference and are too small, remember what’s it’s like to sleep with a mosquito flying around your room. Now imagine hundreds of mosquitoes. .

We need you, and look forward to welcoming you on the day. Have fun contributing to a caring sharing economy. Lets’s do this. Sign up here if you haven’t already, and if you are in another town, let us know what you are doing for World clean up day. If you want to know more you can reach the international movement for world clean up day here