One of the topics that come up frequently in the caring community of is the myriad of issues that surround money. What is money? Why is it here? Why are we so tied to it? There are so many questions as to it’s relevance, purpose and origin.

This last week we came together in Badaboom to have another conversation. The burning question on my mind was what would you do with your life if money was no object? I had imagined the question to be straight forward and yet I had to clarify my own intent. If you had unlimited funds how would you live your life? What would you do?

We are so tied to money, it was no surprise that initially our minds drifted to answers, like pay bills, invest, protect, taxes and all those other concerns that we are tied up in in the current scare economy. It took us a few moments to really let go of our conditioning and see ourselves with millions, or billions, or gazillions of euros or dollars available. What would you do with your life? You have so much available that investing or paying taxes were not an issue. Can you imagine that for a moment?

Perhaps you would like to take a moment and reflect, or make a note in the comments below. What would do if money was no object, no problem, always available to you in an unlimited supply?

It seems that our care economy vision is not so different when we get down to this question. Many of us choose similar ideas. Travel was a common theme. However it was not vacation or sightseeing travel. It was travel with the basic purpose of bettering ourselves, meeting teachers, learning philosophies and practices that we could then use to help the community. It seemed that in travelling somehow our spiritual growth, and our emotional needs would be taken care of to some extent.

The second area of concurrence was that of education. Sure our own education first. But the desire to accumulate knowledge of the planet, it’s systems and how to live in harmony with them. Then to establish centres, or schools, that could follow through on these best practices around alternative energy, permaculture, native plant medicines, spiritual disciplines, and to share them with different communities. In doing so we would change the conversation from that of a scare economy to care economy.

The third area I managed to identify in the discussion was community. This came across in different expressions. The education centres, would be communities of like minded, like spirited people. itself, and we ourselves have a vision of being a community where we can connect and propagate through different media, the many wonderful teachers we are meeting and discussing with.   What is the use of all these voices crying in the wilderness alone. Let’s get them together in one place and share and raise the conversation.

I had a good feeling, listening to the visions and wisdom as I sat around the table. I enjoyed watching people getting into their ideas and explaining them in more and more depth, with perhaps more courage as each one shared their piece, the next one seemed to be able to be more concrete.

We ate, we joked we discussed and when all was said and done, I asked my second question.

What is stopping you living the life you can envision, is it really lack of money? Or is it something else? Think about that for a moment. What is stopping you realising your dream for a care economy?

Could it be lack of self esteem? Could it be fear of success? Could it be not knowing where or how to start? Or could it simply be just that lack of community, the belief that alone I can do nothing? You will of course have your own answers.

However it’s spurred me into an action of which I hope to be able to report much more in depth by the end of Autumn.

So if you have the time, let us know here in the comments, or on Facebook, What you do if you had unlimited funds? What is stopping you doing it now?