On Tuesday, August 28, the Minister of ecological and solidarity transition, Nicolas Hulot, announced his resignation.

I don’t want to lie to myself. I don’t want to give the illusion that my presence in the government means that we are on top of these issues so I take the decision to leave the government!

The resignation of Nicolas Hulot surprised everyone in France. Mr Hulot said that he had not told Mr Macron or Prime Minister Edouard Philippe of his decision, because he believed they would try to talk him out of it.

This resignation is the symptom of a dysfunctional system and not only in France. A global economy that is driven by economic growth, no matter the ecological damage it causes. The environmental crises we are facing needs immediate action and there is no time left for -influence by lobbyists who are driven by- short term profit.

The threats and the collapse of ecosystems is severe and action is no longer an option but a necessity, an urgency, a must have to enable a sustainable care economy.

In a news bulletin published on Franceinfo, 10 environmental associations launched an appeal to Emmanuel Macron two days after the resignation of Nicolas Hulot from the government, to change course.

In 1990, Hulot founded the Ushuaia Foundation which became Fondation Nicolas-Hulot pour la nature et l’homme in 1995.

Hulot set up partnerships for the Foundation with companies such as EDF, L’Oréal and TF1. In 2006, the National Museum of Natural History formed a partnership with Fondation Nicolas-Hulot pour la nature et l’homme, organising annual events to bring people together to combat climate change. In 2013, the foundation launched a think tank based around ecology.

We have a long way to go to create a care economy and his resignation is a symptom of the old growth economy and its disciples, they are not ready to trade short term financial profits for a sustainable future yet. Now it is even more important that we join forces in order to change the conversation in our daily lives and change the course in the political arenas as well, everyday.