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Ecosystem Restoration Camps is a non-profit organisation founded by a movement of people who wanted an action-based solution to address accelerating climate change. The camps are a practical, hands on way to restore land degraded by humans. Our mission is to work with local communities and build camps that transform bare, deserted landscapes into lush, abundant, life-giving ecosystems. We are committed to preserving our planet for future generations.

You can make a difference.

John D. Liu, soil scientist and filmmaker, explains that Ecosystem Restoration Camps is a citizen-driven movement. The restoration camps will focus on increasing biodiversity, biomass, and soil organic matter – all factors necessary to mitigate and adapt to human-induced climate change.

Ecosystem Restoration Camps is a grassroots non-profit organisation that is engaging people to transform damaged landscapes into thriving, biodiverse ecosystems. The organisation was founded in response to a groundswell of support from people worldwide who see the amazing potential of soil restoration.

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