A Tuesday conversation

This is one view from our meeting on August 14th. It’s a time of year when town is full of tourists and not many of the people who live here are around. Still there was a good quality knot of people who met and had a picnic on the beach. It had rained a lot that afternoon and it was touch and go if our meeting could go ahead. But we took the risk and the evening was warm and the company was pleasant.

It was interesting for me to tease out the conversation about what stops us creating a caring economy?

In the conversation that ensued I was aware of two things. The idea that without community we are nothing. This was elaborated with the point of view that no one among us can change the world. If I try to make a difference by myself it’s futile, depressing, frustrating. If I try to create a conversation with others and move forward with them, then we can evolve as a species. This evolution will surely lead us to a more conscious collective, one that is responsible and caring that can take action, because we live in the courage of community. So our first tool in our tool box is sharing in community.

The second strand was the hope and belief in the role of technology for our future. Aside from the awareness and conversations that come out of social media, this blog, Facebook pages and groups, twitter, Instagram, you tube, etc; there is also hope to be gained by looking back at how technology seems to be adapted faster and faster.


How long was it before all of humanity, used fire? How long before all of humanity used the wheel? How long did it take for humanity to adopt the combustion engine? As time moves on and more and more technology comes into being, how long was it before we all knew what a telegraph or telephone was? Some of us remember life with no email or computers. Some of us remember the wonder at the mobile phone, or the touch screen. Again how long did it take for all us to know and use these technologies?

It would seem the time span for technology to be adopted by humanity gets shorter and shorter. Then there is hope that the newer technologies like electric cars, solar power, wave turbines will all go a long way to creating a cleaner planet quicker than we think.