On July 31st we had a another wonderful bilingual meeting in Badaboom. There were 13 of us present. Many people were kind enough to bring along some fans to help keep us cool on an evening that was in the region of 32C. Nice is hot at this time of year and it’s important to be cool to function clearly.

We managed to ring Ellen Hatvany thanks to the Presence of Bela and sing her happy birthday. It was a wonderful moment of community care and sharing.

During the evening we discussed what it means to have a caring economy. Once people had eaten together and discussed in groups, some of us were even courageous enough to face the camera and spend one minute explaining what a caring economy means for us.


We also advertised the state of play for some our ongoing projects. If you are interested in being involved in any of them the project and contact person are as follows.

  1. Nice Plogging– Contact Barbara via the Everyday.earth facebook page. We would like to upscale plogging as best we can. We need plogging leaders and participants. Plogging will start again in early September after the summer break.
  2. World clean up day–  Contact Thierry Dbrn again via the Facebook page.  We have asked the town of Nice to support us in this project for the 15 September and the Environmental Department of the Cote D’azure Metropole have reached out to us to co-ordinate our activities on the day.
  3. Pay it Forward– Contact Barabara or Colm. We are trying to reach out to those in need and expand the project into the neighbourhood. Anyone wishing to be an ambassador towards those in need or towards businesses that might be interested, please let yourselves be know. It was also suggested we need to connect with other organisations who are on the ground doing great work. So if that is you or you know someone involved, drop us a message on the page.
  4. Land Reclamation Camp-    Contact Colm. Since the visit of John Liu, and the teachings of the Environmental Education Media Project  we have been discussing ways to apply this knowledge here in the area. We will have a meeting after the summer holidays to organise a letter writing campaign to Mayors in the nearby villages and towns in order to seek out a suitable camp site that we can restore. Anyone interested in the project or who might want to help out in any way, please let us know.
  5. The plant exchange and the inspirational Book Shelf – These are perhaps two of the simpler projects and perhaps less visible. However the principal behind the plant exchange is that those of us with plants can take a cutting and root it, bring it to Badaboom and exchange it for either another plant or give it away freely. To date we have given away about a dozen lemon scented geraniums. It brightens up peoples lives and brings a happy smile to those involved. The Inspirational Book Shelf were you can leave a book that has inspired you, or take one that has inspired someone else is also active. At least one of the books has made it to New York.  There is plenty more space on the shelf and plenty of titles that might interest you.

All in all it was a great meeting lots of learning and exchanges. We will keep you posted through the blog as to our latest developments and also continue to add the conversations that happen on Facebook. Enjoy and leave a comment and let us know you are here. Blessings to and from Earth.