This Tuesday the 18th July we had a guest speaker in Badaboom. Philippe  Tarbouriech from Bluenote world  gave up his holiday time to come and explain to us how his blockchain solution can help buildings reduce emissions and so create a cleaner world.

We had a turnout of around 20 people which is a great pleasure for us. From the introductions at the meeting it was clear that we have an enormous amount of talent at our disposal to create a caring economy. We managed to at least get this part of the meeting in two languages.

Get used to hearing the term Care Economy. Given that we live in a scare economy we have found it fitting to change our focus from Everyday.Earth as a label to that of Caring Economy and we will update you on that soon.

Did you know

  • That commercial buildings represent anywhere between 30%-50% of known emissions?
  • There is 4-5 times more energy used in a building dating from the 1980’s than in a modern one.
  • The time taken to upgrade all the commercial buildings to today’s standard would be 100 years.
  • In the USA alone , if they managed to reduce the energy consumption of these buildings by 30% they would save $25 billion.
  • That would result in a increase in value of the buildings by $250 billion.

Bluenote is creating a solution and if you are interested in reading more you can download the PDF from our Everyday.Earth group page.

In other news World Clean Up Day is on September the 15th 2018. There is an explanation in French here or in English here .  We will organise a meeting soon to discuss how our Caring Community can partake in this project.

One of our existing projects, the ‘Pay it Forward’ will be expanding soon into the vicinity surrounding Badaboom. With that in mind, we are hold a meeting on Tuesday evening 24th July from 630pm. The aim is to figure out how we can make it grow in both directions.  Direction one is to raise awareness for the people who need it. Direction two is to involve other local businesses, perhaps pharmacies, hairdressers, other restaurants and shops, who would be willing to have a pay it forward pot. There is much to discuss so please bring your caring sharing mindset and help us grow this initiative.