This is just a short heads up for those of you not able to attend the biweekly meetings. At our last meeting we had between 13-15 people who attended. Those who were at Caux gave us a lot of feedback of their experiences. ( There will be a separate blog post on that event.) During the exchanges we heard many names and some beautiful quotes, ” The Silent revolution is what we do in our homes” is my favourite.  “It is when we are conscious we can change.”  It is clear that the conversations on how to create a caring sharing economy are happening all over the world so we are neither alone nor are we isolated.  There is a realisation from the trip to Caux that in Everyday.Earth we are really onto something.

We are the only cluster however that are having bi-weekly meetups. It seems to be something very advantageous for us in the creation of a caring community:

  • We have been invited to the Plages Electronics in Cannes this year to promote Everyday.Earth.
  • We continue Nice Plogging, check out the events on the page if you wish to take part or just promote it.
  • Our inspirational book shelf is growing which is lovely to see.
  • The plant exchange has been a small success, our first batch of 8 plants now all have new homes. So feel free to bring or take plants when available.
  • The Cafe Suspendu is also working and please encourage anyone you might meet to come and partake of this initiative.

Future plans that are not yet solidified involve the creation of an artistic competition to visualise the caring economy and we will post more news on that when we have it.

The big take away from this meeting is that we are a bottom up network of actors. There is not the traditional hierarchy in Everyday.Earth so we are asking you, and hoping that you will take initiatives to create a caring sharing economy.

There is so much we can do and we only ask that you participate in any small way that you can. Even just reacting to posts on the Facebook page can encourage us. As Wim would say, this is not a sprint it’s a marathon. When running a marathon it’s lovely to have encouragement from the sidelines. So get liking and posting and sharing and caring. More news will posted after our next bi-weekly meeting on July 17th in Badaboom.