On June 5th 2018 a group of us came together in Badaboom in Nice to discuss The Care Economy Collective meetup happening in Caux Switzerland from the 27th June to the 1st of July. One of the topics for this meetup is the idea around the creation of an alternative currency. In other words the summit is an

“Outgrowth of change enquiry”

A summit by Polymoney and Mustardseed about complimentary currencies. We came together to have the conversation about what mission we could achieve in Switzerland. Our representatives at the time of writing are Bela, Wim, Valerie, Catherine,  Janne and Florence.

The Conversation

Money of itself has no intrinsic value. It’s valuable simply because we say it is. It is designed to control us and make us wage slaves. However no one argues each of us has a right to life. The system as it exists implies that money is essential for life and therefore each of us have a right money. Unfortunately money in it’s present guise means that when it is created debt is created. With every nation in the world in debt this system is no longer working and is in effect broken.

In a caring economy we are of the opinion that people would or could or even should get what they need and give what they can. This will happen if we can build a complimentary system. A system that will fill in the vast gaps in the current one, or perhaps one day even replace it.

A complimentary currency would perhaps have zero interest or negative interest, in order to prevent the hoarding and profiteering. No one should be able to make money from money.

One of the main questions that has arisen from this ongoing discussion in Caux in Switzerland and other clusters around the world, including our own is

how can we match unused resources to unmet needs?

One of the main goals is to create a knowledge base to help others avoid mistakes, and this will happen through this type of meetup of clusters. The main groups that are involved in this conversation are key listeners, pollinators and contributors. The creation of this knowledge base can be seen in and of itself as a caring action.

The possibility was raised in Nice about creating our own alternative currency. The goal of each cluster is to start locally and then eventually reach out. However it seems clear we need to educate ourselves around the options and possibilities that exist due to crypto currencies, the block chain and other viable alternatives.

Given that the corner stone of a caring economy is that people care, and that in every place on earth there are unused resources and unmet needs, we looked at our own actions to date. In what ways are we caring, and meeting needs with the resources we have available?

At present in our cluster there are 3 main ways.

  • Cafe Suspendu ( a pay it forward trust initiative where I can buy a coffee for someone else less fortunate)
  • Plogging (an environmental initiative, where people jog and clean up the environment at the same time)
  • Caring Sharing Community Initiative (a simple database of people who have resources available and needs to be met and providing a link between them to bridge the gap). This one was born at the conversation of June 5th.

Our next conversation will take place on June the 19th where I am sure we will continue to look at ways to find solutions and ask more questions on how to create a caring sharing economy.