We launched our inquiry about the care economy on April 14th. We are out there for one month now, but it feels like we have always been around. What a wonderful feeling! Here are the highlights of our first few weeks:

Our conversations take place online and offline in local meet ups. Where we challenge everyone to join the conversation and most of all take action on a local level to design a caring environment.

Everyday.earth has been funded by Mustard Seed Trust to cover six months work capital. Together with them we are now enabled to roll out our strategy.

We hosted three live conversations in our Facebook group so far and released the edited versions of them on our Youtube channel. View the first one with Bela Hatvany, our founding father.

We are pleased to be part of the Caux Forum 2018 end of June. Everyday will go to this conference to participate and listen. As listening is in our DNA we kicked off our first team of keynote listeners for Everyday. earth as well.

In our quest to create a care economy that works for all we warmly support the local Paid Forward initiative in Nice, France. We also became a caring partner for Nice Plogging.

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